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Welcome to Infinity Sites!

Are you looking for a personal or family website? Well, you've come to the right place!

Here at Infinity Sites, you will find a simple, secure, reliable, and customizable experience for you and your site's users.

Oh, and I develop other stuff too. Like notebooks and online cash registers and URL shorteners.

Feature-rich websites

Your site comes packed with all the features you need to manage, edit, and run your website.

We utilize an application-based model to keep your content organized and accessible. Each module is its own application which can run independently - but you can also link modules together. With the click of a button, many modules can seamlessly integrate together to augment your users' experience.

Security is key

We use secure keyed-hash message authentication hashing algorithms to keep passwords and sensitive data safe. We use the latest PHP/MySQLi database connection technology to ensure data integrity in transit.

Security shouldn't have to be a decision.

When you buy an Infinity Site, you have the option of using our cloud-based hosting service (which comes with 100GB of free storage space, with only 0.06 MB being taken up by default site files) or hosting the site yourself.

Either option is equally secure; however, our cloud-based services offer fast response times and ensures your data's security no matter who gets access to your side of the site.

We recommend using our hosting if you want more technical support and instant updates; if you are planning to add more features or need to be able to access the hardware yourself, we recommend self-hosting.

Easy setup

Setting up your Infinity Site is easy. All you have to do is:

  1) Buy the Infinity Site Hosted Server package
  2) Configure your site to your liking
  3) Start building your site online!

Or, if you want to host your own site:

  1) Buy the Infinity Site web software package
  2) Copy the package to wherever you host your website from
  3) Edit the configuration file with your MySQL database information
  4) Navigate to your site in a browser and start building!

If you need more help, our support staff will be happy to assist you! Click here to open a support request.

Fully search-engine optimized.

Every site is fully search-engine optimized. Best practices are observed in metadata, browser compatibility guidelines, and responsiveness
to ensure that your site always appears at the top of the list in searches.

We support traditional metadata, OpenGraph protocol, Dublin Core Metadata Initiative compatibility, and Twitter integration, but you can easily
customize your meta tags with our easy-to-use code injection tool.


We've recently added one of our most powerful features yet: Templates.

With templates, you can instantly apply a custom style and structure to your site. Templates include their own themes as well as a predefined page structure and modules to get you started.

And, you don't have to stick with just one! You can switch between templates without losing any of your data or functionality. Plus, templates don't count towards your site's storage space, so install as many templates as you want!

Your site currently comes with one template that you can activate, but we will be adding a large library of exciting templates very soon

So what are you waiting for?

So what are you waiting for? Create your Infinity Site for free!

Our paid version will be arriving shortly.

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