TGE Lag Spikes Report Sat Mar 10, 2018 19:39   

Sat Mar 10, 2018 19:39   

The TGE Development Team has prepared the below report in response to recent concerns regarding server latency caused by TGE.

The report found that TGE may have short impacts on server TPS. In response to this data, our developers will be releasing an updated version of TGE which has an option for lengthening the intervals between loops in order to cut back on lag spikes and allow more processes to execute concurrently with less waiting time.

The report can be found here.



~The TGE Team


  Welcome to TGE Sun Oct 01, 2017 16:03   [EDITED]   

Sun Oct 01, 2017 16:03   [EDITED]   

Welcome to T.G.E.

Serving Minecraft servers since 2016


Welcome to The God Eye, the only fully-functional, 100% tested Anti-Cheat for Minecraft servers, written in Skript.

TGE is different from other Anti-Cheats, offering protection from over 21 different hacks, with more being added all the time.


At TGE, we do things differently.

Rather than focusing on quantity, we focus on quality. We know that there are other Anti-Cheats claiming to be superior to all others, and from the number of hacks they block and the fancy features they purport you might think so.

Look beneath the hoods of these Anti-Cheats, though, and you find negative ratings, poor code quality, and blockers that are sometimes only five lines of code long.

If you are looking at an Anti-Cheat and you see a blocker with only 5 lines of code, something is wrong.

The fact that any coder would think that 5 lines is sufficient to properly check for a hack and account for false positives is indicative of either a lack of attention to detail, a lack of testing, or a lack of care. Any one of the three is dangerous.

At The God Eye, we rigorously test our hack blockers before publishing them and make sure not only to test for false positives, but to try our hardest to find them and correct them.


We listen to our community.

Rather than plowing ahead and writing code that we feel is good, we ask our players and users to tell us what they want - because we're not the ones with hundreds of players to protect. You are.


Proven successful, time and time again.

The God Eye has more downloads than any other active Skript Anti-Cheat appearing in Google's search results. The only one with more is a discontinued Anti-Cheat which, sadly, focused more on flashy lights than on catching hackers to begin with.

We combine customizable with productive to bring the best possible experience to our users. Our command interface isn't complicated. There aren't sub-menus and obscure commands that all do the same thing. Rather than appearances, we chose to focus on quality. We figured out what worked, and then added more of it. And more. And more. And we are still adding more today.


Why use a Skript Anti-Cheat?

Many users wonder what the point is of writing an Anti-Cheat in Skript, when there are perfectly good Java alternatives out there.

First of all, there are not perfectly good Java alternatives out there. There are mediocre Java alternatives that people say are perfectly good. The truth is, Java Anti-Cheats tend to stockpile features and end up with huge configuration files with so many numbers and options and hooks (what is a hook, anyway?) that people are literally selling configurations of these Anti-Cheats. Nobody should have to read through thousands of lines of code or spend money to get a good Anti-Cheat. Hackers don't have to pay to wreck your server, and you shouldn't have to pay to protect it.

Secondly, Skript offers the immense advantage of beieng completely customizable. Every feature can be tweaked and expanded, meaning that if you want to make a cow appear when a user is detected for hacking, all you have to type is a single line of proper English ("spawn a cow at the player," perhaps) and reload the script. This means that developers of Skript Anti-Cheats do not need to stockpile features and make huge configuration files, because their users can add whatever features they want. Of course, you shouldn't have to edit the code for every minor little detail you want to change, so we made our own (moderately sized) configuration file that leaves out the technical details.


If you're still not sold on TGE, or have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to contact us on the forums or through our private contact form. We'd love to hear from you.


So what are you waiting for? Give your players the protection they deserve and start using The God Eye today.



The TGE Team