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Update #6


Info for Update 6
Release Date: Fri Jun 30, 2017 19:15
Author: Adam
Short Description: Mega Update!
Full Description:
Wow! This just might be the biggest platform update yet.

We've revamped tons of features and simplified our codebase, as well as implemented many security fixes that keep your site and others' sites more secure than ever before. For this reason, all existing sites have been removed but can easily be re-created.

Here's a summary of what we added/changed:
- Even friendlier URLs! The Admin Panel now uses 100% friendly URLs, meaning that it's easier than ever to find what you're looking for and remember where it is - and your SEO will go up a bit too! We also fixed a bug with the live page editor that took users to the ".php" version of their site when they closed it.
- Admins can now edit modules in the live page editor by clicking the "Edit Module" button at the top of the module they wish to edit. A popup with the module editor will be displayed.
- The Module Editor for HTML modules has been greatly improved, saving edits instantly and no longer requiring page reloads.
- Intuitive data tags have replaced complex class names on pages, meaning that it's much easier to assign styles to a particular module, page, container, etc.
- Admin Panel no longer uses site themes and has its own navigation bar. After much thought, we decided on this to ensure that administrator functions remain usable, even if your theme doesn't work (e.g. a theme could make all the text appear white (basically invisible) but your Admin Panel would still function normally.) The navigation bar at the top of the Admin Panel improves usability and intuitiveness so you can get where you want faster.
- SEO improved a little
- Forum pages' titles now reflect the thread a user is currently viewing.
- Users can no longer edit, download, upload, or delete files not in their site's directory.
- Site code greatly reduced, optimized, and streamlined to make pages load faster and work more efficiently.
- Forum module slightly improved - Thread Search Results are more intuitive and threads look nicer.
- Support Center and SOS functionality improved and streamlined. Replies are no longer duplicated. SOS requests now have priority over all other requests.

In addition to this, we are considering open-sourcing the InfinitySites platform, at least while it's in Beta, so the community can contribute to its growth and critique its development. If you send us feedback, make sure to tell us what you think about this!

Thank you for using InfinitySites! Enjoy the updates!

InfinitySites Developer and Project Lead

Update Version: 3.5.0
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