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Update #9


Info for Update 9
Release Date: Fri Nov 17, 2017 21:37
Author: Adam
Short Description: InfinitySites 4.1
Full Description:

InfinitySites 4.1

This update fixes numerous bugs in version 4.0, including database table creation for modules which require them.

Also added in this update is page caching, which reduces server load by serving up static pages to non-logged-in users. Caching can be toggled and configured in Admin Panel > Settings > General Settings.

But that's not all! We added an Upcoming Events module, which displays a list of upcoming events, an Online Members module, which does exactly what it says, and a Scrolling Text module which displays text that scrolls across the screen.

We also added in a handy page customization feature: Backgrounds! When live-editing a page, you can set the background color or image of the page body, a row, a column, a container, or a module by clicking "Set Background" on the desired element.

Permission functionality was also tweaked a little, so that all users, logged in or not, have the null permission ('') and all logged-in users have the permission 'LOGGEDIN'.

Thank you for using InfinitySites!

~ Adam
Update Version: 4.1.0
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